Judy Smith-Rice oversees all operations of the Team and serves as the managing member, President and CEO of PICS, LLC.  Her background includes two company start-ups, one being an Internet-based advertiser.  She served as an Advertising Executive and Membership Director in the tourism industry, where she also served as a manager responsible for business development and market analysis.  Her contribution resulted in the controlled growth in profitability as well as market share by the tourism-related institutions and associations.  Her career continued as an independent consultant forming a network of qualified professionals and strategic allies that will be instrumental as strategic allies with PICS, LLC.


Harry is a principal consultant with over twenty-eight years of professional experience in management, training, operation and maintenance of Tier 1 Automotive and Electronics factories, government, commercial and research nuclear and non-nuclear facilities and small business enterprises. His professional areas of expertise include software quality assurance, software engineering, training management, information technology management, strategic planning, and change management.  He has extensive experience in programs and automated processes compliant with ISO 9008-2015,  IATF:16949-2016, ASME NQA-1, 10 CFR 50 Appendix B, 10 CFR 830 Appendix A, DOE O414.1D, DOE 0333P, ISO 9001, and the Software Engineering Institute’s Capability Maturity Model Integrated (SEI-CMMI) through Level III and patent award. Harry is co-inventor of the patented Computerized Training Management System (CTMS) and the Presenting Interactive Communities System (PICS). He is a Veteran of the US Navy Nuclear Submarine Service. He was awarded the DOE TRADE Award for Excellence.